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For questions about weddings and COVID-19, please see the official government website.

Some common questions for marriage celebrants are listed below.

What do I need to get married in New Zealand?

To get married in New Zealand, you need

  • A marriage licence from the department of internal affairs

  • The two people getting married

  • Two witnesses

  • A celebrant

All the people listed above must be in the same physical location, be able to verify their identity, and be there of their own free choice.

More information is available from the official government website.

Can you organise a marriage licence for us?

No. Couples are required by law to organise their own marriage licence through the Department of Internal Affairs. This can be done up to 3 months before the ceremony. You should allow at least one business week for your application to be processed.

How do I get a marriage certificate?

Marriage certificates are supplied by the Department of Internal Affairs. You will find information on how to obtain a marriage cetificate as part of the marriage licence application, on the back of your marriage licence, and on the official goverment website.

Do you officiate ceremonies for same sex couples?


My partner and I are in a civil union. Can we change this to a marriage?

Yes. There is a separate process for this. The information on the official government website will walk you through this.