My Background

Bradley Patten |022 438 2723 |

My wife and I got married in 2010 and haven't looked back since. We live on the North Shore, in a suburb we love, close to our extended family. I was drawn to celebrancy through a desire to help others, positive experience working as a photographer at numerous weddings, and a belief that my personality, life experience to date, and skill set will be useful to others.

I am friendly, unpretentious, and unobtrusive. I prefer to listen closely before speaking and I value understanding the thoughts and opinions of others. These personal qualities will help ensure that your wedding ceremony reflects your needs and values.

I have worked as a nurse's aid with medical and palliative care patients, a wedding photographer, and an educator among other roles. These roles have brought me into contact with a broad range of people and complemented and helped further develop my welcoming and approachable nature.

My past and present roles and hobbies have created a skill set that is naturally suited to celebrancy. Those skills include strong public speaking ability, a knack for telling stories and holding the attention of a crowd, a clear understanding of how wedding days and ceremonies should operate, and the attention to detail necessary to make sure all the legal requirements of your day are satisfied. Some relevant life experiences are highlighted below.


I've been raising money for the Movember foundation through the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride since 2020. As of 2023, I have raised more than $10,000 for the cause.


I am currently working as a research fellow at the University of Auckland. I work on an anti-bullying project called HOTSPOTS that I helped to create in 2019. It won a national award in 2022, and is currently receiving funding from the Ember Korowai Trust

MH Ambassador

I'm a mental health ambassador, commonly found at the Every Sunday Motocycle Collective at 9am at CycleSpot on the North Shore.


I completed my PhD in Psychology in 2014 at the University of Auckland. I have tutored and lectured various psychology papers, helping students understand how people think, feel, and behave by crafting engaging lectures and tutorials for groups of 4 to 400 students.

Wedding Photographer

I spent 5 years as a self-employed wedding photographer. During this time I attended countless weddings and developed a strong understanding of how a full wedding day works. This has given me experience with working with crowds at weddings and an understanding of how the ceremony links to other important parts of the day.

Film Maker

 Film making is a great way to tell stories of your own and the stories of others. As a film maker, I have spent time in front of and behind the camera. This has helped me develop a talent for story telling, hold the attention of a crowd, become comfortable performing in front of others, and support and guide others in front of small groups and large crowds.