Bradley Patten |022 438 2723 | celebrant@bradleypatten.co.nz

The comments below are extracts from support letters used in my celebrancy application


His thoughtful, generous, enthusiastic yet very grounded personality serves the role perfectly. The values and morals he upholds in his own life are to be admired, and his reflective and contemplative nature means that he will really allow the couple that he working with to take the lead and make the ceremony their own,when and where it is appropriate to do so.


Bradley is a reliable, calm, collected, organised, and caring individual. I can think of no person more suited to be given the authority of an Independent Marriage Celebrant. His combination of personality traits and wedding-relevant experience will give him an amazing ability to help those around him on the most important day of their lives.


Bradley is one of the most unpretentious and engaging people I know. He is very attentive in his interactions with others and puts them at ease with his affability, humour and sincerity. Bradley’s actions and words reveal a considered and thoughtful nature, which allows him to quickly perceive the needs of others and respond in an appropriate manner.


With a doctoral degree in psychology coupled with significant experience as a wedding photographer, Dr. Patten is the ideal candidate. His proven ability to put couples at ease on their wedding day with his relaxed and personable demeanour makes him ideally suited to perform the role of Marriage Celebrant. His public speaking ability and skill in reading couples, and indeed a larger crowd are particularly useful attributes.